Rolan is the third installation to the MAVloid series.

Character ProfileEdit

  • Name: Rollan (It can be read either with one or two "l"s.)
  • Gender: Male
  • Label: MAVloid 03
  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: "Mixed"
  • Program: Human VOCALOID/UTAU
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Date of Creation: January 2, 2010
  • Birthday: July 3
  • Signature Item: His sword, which is basically a katana.
  • Future Languages: ???

Rolan's InformationEdit


Rolan has a jacket that consists of many zippers and dark blue shading. He has long peach-red hair that, surprisingly does not match his attire. His eyes are green, and he wears black gloves with white engravement. His jacket extends to his mid-thigh and, it bears symbols of MAVloid. He has his sword with him at all times, usually, and has a black sheath with the sword. Rolan's pants are a dark brown and connect to his shoes with loose strings. Occasionally he can be seen wearing glasses.


He is cold and distant. He is also known to be short with people; he only says what is necessary and that is what "floats his boat". Most of the time he just watches others and stops then from getting into fights if necessary. Rolan can also get irritated when people touch, or, make fun of his "elf" ears. He also has an extremely violent side and will harm anyone who irritates him.

Relationships with Other MAVloidsEdit


Rolan pays no mind to Cyril; he sees him as an immature child. He hates how Cyril is number one, and wishes it could be changed, but keeps to himself. Rarely, however, he sees Cyril as himself when he was younger.


Being Cyril's younger brother, he expects nothing else but an annoying younger figure. He also hates Allen's excessive apologies and cowardly nature.


Rolan thinks Ellie is an annoying female who has nothing better to do that flirt with him. The only time he is with her is when they go "shopping".


He doesn't really see Llevi as a person; moreso an animal.


None, currently.